What is Mobile ATM?

Mobile ATM is a concept of ATM–on–wheels. These ATMs are available in areas that have a big footfall or have a good automobile traffic. Mobile ATMs are similar to the food trucks where the truck is parked at a place where it can get maximum customers. Mobile ATMs allow customers to simply drive at the ATM and access their account without even stepping out of their vehicles. The mobile ATMs allow customers to withdraw cash, deposit money and all the related activities that usually all other ATMs allow. The main reason for the success of Mobile ATMs is the Flexibility and convenience they provide to its customers. Having said that there are many more beneits that the Mobile ATMs offers to its customers.

Benefits to Franchisee

No Need to Rent out Shop

Electric Vehicle

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Generate Store Traffic

Benefits to Customer

Door Step Service

Can access amount Deposit Money, Set Pin, Mini Statement

Provide Instant Cash to Customer

Fully Secured ATM Machine