What is AePS?

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems (AePS) is a unique service that allows customers to conduct banking transactions from their account using their fingerprint.

Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry and Aadhaar Pay can be done using AePS.

Using AePS, you can provide ATM services in your area. Customers can withdraw cash, DBT and subsidy funds from their bank account. They can also know their account balance and pay for their purchases. AePS is safe and secure way of cash withdrawal without the need for debit or credit card.

With Micro ATM you can provide cash withdrawal transactions using any bank’s debit card and PIN. Only cash withdrawals and balance enquiry can be done through Micro ATM.

You can use any bank’s debit card to make a cash withdrawal transaction. All cards issued by Visa, MasterCard & RuPay are accepted. Currently, we support only Debit Card cash withdrawal, and don’t allow credit card or prepaid card.

You can order your Micro ATM device through sec2pay app. Click on Micro ATM icon on the home screen, click on ‘Your Device’, fill in your address and order your device. Cost of the device will be debited from the wallet and device will be delivered to your registered address. You can also order your device from your distributor and super distributor.

To use the Micro ATM device, simply pair it to your mobile phone, insert debit card, and enter the amount. Let customer enter their PIN. Upon a successful message, hand over cash to the customer.

The steps are given below –

  • Registration
  • Submit documents
  • Enrol in training program
  • Appear Test
  • Get POS certificate
  • Start selling policies

DMT stands for Domestic Money Transfer, you can send money to any account number 24X7 across India. Money transfer service is available with IMPS and NEFT payment option.

Please follow the below steps to send money to a beneficiary account:

– Create a sender profile by adding details – (Mobile Number, Name, Address) if it doesn’t exist.

– An OTP will be sent to the sender’s mobile number.

– Validate the OTP.

– Add beneficiary detail

– Bank Account No, IFSC Code, Account Holder Name.

– Select “IMPS” or “NEFT”.

– Click “Transfer” to proceed.