Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is a way to get money from the bank account. This system of getting money neither requires your signature nor Debit card. You don’t even need to visit a bank branch for getting money through the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Benefits for Customer:
  • Customer can perform financial and non-financial transaction through Sec2Pay retailer outlet.
  • There is no need of signature or debit card.
  • It is fast and secure.
  • No one can forge your fingerprint.
Transactions Through the AEPS:

The Aadhaar Enabled Payment System gives you banking facility on the go. However, It gives you only basic services. These 4 services can be done through the AEPS.

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Aadhaar to Aadhaar Funds Transfer

The only inputs required for a customer to do a transaction under this scenario are:-

• IN (Identifying the Bank to which the customer is associated) • Aadhaar Number

Before starting this business you must have:

PC or Laptop or Tablet or Smart phone with internet connectivity.

What does the retailer get?
  • Biometric thumb impression machine
  • Logo/Stickers/Leaflets/Contact Matrix • Commission Structure
Documents required to start business.

• Application form
• 2 passport size photo’s
• PAN Card (Mandatory)
• Id Proof (Voter id/Driving License/Passport etc.)
• Shop Address proof
• Resident address Proof (electricity bill, ration card etc.)

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