SE2PAY INDIA is an initiative taken by us to provide consumers a wide range of online payment solutions and physical cash points appeared in Indian rural & urban markets for convenience of consumers.

We are tech driven organization intended to focus on financial inclusion as well as social inclusion through various banking and government organization.

SE2PAY INDIA , which build on the basic philosophy of “Pay in seconds” offering easy and smart ways by our world class electronic transaction processing system where, a consumer can get access for doing transactions within seconds by
using our retail points.


To became India’s leading rural-centric banking & financial facilities provider organization.

To establish an Enormous payment system in an ideal networked environment using technology to deliver payments in real time.
Empower consumers with a easy and simple methods for making payments any time any where.
To bring facilities with easy access to last mile banking & other financial products For the rural Indians


To bring facilities with an easy access to last mile banking & other financial products for the rural Indians.

To ignite trust and mutate the lives through high class technology in social and financial inclusion.
To became India’s leading rural centric banking & financial facilities provider organization .